Lamborghini’s Hybrid Temerario: V10 Farewell, New Era Ahead

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Lamborghini's Hybrid Temerario
Lamborghini's Hybrid Temerario

In January 2024, the Raging Bull of Sant’Agata Bolognese proudly announced that the Huracan had surpassed 25,000 sales throughout its production lifecycle. Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2014, the Huracan succeeded the Gallardo, becoming Lamborghini’s best-selling mid-engine model to date.

The Huracan is on the verge of retirement, making way for an upcoming supercar yet to be named. Internally dubbed LB63x, the newcomer is rumored to bear the moniker “Temerario.” Lamborghini has filed a trademark for this name with the European Union’s Intellectual Property Office across multiple categories, signaling its imminent arrival.

As per Lamborghini’s product strategy, the LB63x/Temerario is slated for a 2024 debut, with recent updates suggesting a second-half reveal, likely in August.

Lamborghini's Hybrid Temerario
Lamborghini’s Hybrid Temerario

While details on hybridization remain vague, Lamborghini’s head of sales and marketing, Federico Foschini, hinted at its inclusion, hinting at a continuation of the brand’s design legacy.

Regarding the powertrain, speculation looms over whether the plug-in hybrid variant’s twin-turbocharged V8 will derive from Volkswagen Group platforms or stand as a bespoke creation. Considering Lamborghini’s adoption of Revuelto’s platform, the V8 may find its roots in the flagship V12 architecture.

Additionally, uncertainties persist regarding the number of electric drive units and transmission layout. Given the Revuelto’s monofuselage chassis, an eight-speed transaxle positioned transversely behind the V8 appears plausible. As the automotive world evolves, Lamborghini’s foray into hybridization and electrification reflects an industry-wide shift toward sustainable performance and innovation.


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