GM Production Shift: Malibu Phased Out, EV Future Beckons

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GM Production Shift
GM Production Shift

In November 2024, the General Motors Fairfax Assembly Plant will cease production of the Chevrolet Malibu, followed by halting Cadillac XT4 production two months later. While the XT4 will return in late 2025, post-retooling for the next-gen Bolt EV, the Chevrolet Malibu won’t share the same fate.

GM spokesperson Kevin Kelly disclosed that Malibu sales surpassed 10 million worldwide, acknowledging forthcoming layoffs while ensuring affected employees receive support per UAW agreements.

Moreover, XT4 and Bolt EV production will consolidate onto a single assembly line, enhancing production flexibility to match customer demand fluctuations. This strategic move prevents workforce reductions or line idling amidst shifting market trends.

GM Production Shift
GM Production Shift

As the sole remaining Chevrolet sedan in the US, the Malibu’s passenger car lineage, alongside the Corvette, endures. Updated for model year 2025 with new exterior options, the Malibu persists as a 2024 model.

Offering a sole engine transmission combination of a 1.5L turbocharged four-cylinder and CVT, the Malibu delivers modest performance. Comparison with segment counterparts like the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord highlights sales figures rather than raw power metrics, emphasizing market dynamics.

Initially introduced as a Chevelle trim level in 1958, the Malibu transitioned to standalone status in 1978, evolving from rear-wheel drive to its current configuration. While its future remains uncertain, GM’s commitment to electric mobility signals a transformative era for Chevrolet’s vehicle portfolio.

In parallel, confirmation of the second-generation Bolt EV’s development underscores GM’s dedication to electrification. With a projected sub-$30,000 price point and LFP battery technology, the Bolt EV solidifies Chevrolet’s position in the expanding electric vehicle market.


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