Subaru’s Electric Future: Partnerships and EV Expansion

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Subaru's Electric Future
Subaru's Electric Future

Subaru of America celebrates another milestone following its April 2024 sales performance announcement, marking 21 consecutive months of growth. In April alone, deliveries surged by nearly double digits, maintaining an impressive 7% year-to-date increase.

However, while Subaru’s passenger cars face headwinds, particularly evident in declining sales for models like the BRZ, Impreza, Legacy, and WRX, its crossover lineup continues to shine. Led by perennial favorites like the Forester, Crosstrek, and Outback, Subaru aims to expand its high-riding offerings in response to evolving consumer preferences.

Subaru's Electric Future
Subaru’s Electric Future

Amidst these developments, Toyota’s announcement of a forthcoming large three-row SUV production in Indiana piques interest, especially given the partnership between Toyota and Subaru in the EV segment with models like the bZ4X and Solterra.

This collaboration opens possibilities for Subaru to leverage Toyota’s manufacturing infrastructure, potentially yielding rebadged models for its lineup. While currently existing only in digital renderings by imaginative artists like Vince Burlapp, the prospect of a Subaru three-row EV crossover, possibly retaining the Ascent moniker, gains traction.

Moreover, Subaru’s commitment to introducing four EV models by 2026, primarily targeted at the US market, further underscores the brand’s electric future. With Toyota’s significant stake in Subaru, synergies between the two companies in the electric vehicle space are expected to deepen, ensuring both brands remain competitive amidst industry shifts.


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