Mercedes-AMG Revamps ’63’ Lineup: V8 Returns Amid Lukewarm Response to Hybrid Models

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Mercedes-AMG CLE 63
Mercedes-AMG CLE 63

Mercedes-AMG’s recent foray into ’63’ models, exemplified by the C63 and GLC 63, initially hinted at a departure from traditional V8 engines in favor of powerful plug-in hybrids with four-cylinder engines. However, this narrative has taken a turn.

Despite the innovation of the C63 SE Performance and GLC 63, which boasted a four-cylinder engine paired with an electric motor for a system output of 680 hp, consumer reception has been lukewarm. The absence of the iconic V8 engine and concerns about added weight have deterred potential buyers, prompting Mercedes-AMG to reconsider its strategy.

Reports suggest that Mercedes-AMG is pivoting with the upcoming CLE model, likely influenced by the tepid response to the C63 and GLC 63. Unlike its predecessors, the CLE is expected to reintroduce the V8 engine, a move that aligns with consumer preferences and market expectations. This decision marks a departure from the experimental shift towards four-cylinder hybrids and signals a return to the brand’s core strengths.


The decision to equip the CLE 63 with a V8 engine underscores Mercedes-AMG’s commitment to delivering performance-oriented vehicles that resonate with enthusiasts. By foregoing the six-cylinder engine option and opting for the acclaimed 4.0 biturbo V8, Mercedes-AMG is reaffirming its dedication to powerful, iconic engines that define the driving experience.

This move also hints at the possibility of a V8-powered Mercedes-AMG E63, which remains shrouded in mystery but is expected to follow suit with an electrified powertrain to distinguish itself from the existing E53 model.

Overall, Mercedes-AMG’s shift towards V8 engines in the CLE and potentially the E-class reflects a strategic realignment based on consumer feedback and market demand. While the experimentation with hybrid powertrains showcased innovation, the return to the V8 engine underscores the brand’s commitment to delivering uncompromising performance and staying true to its heritage.

With anticipation building for the upcoming CLE 63 and potential E63, enthusiasts can expect a thrilling driving experience powered by the iconic V8 engine, possibly enhanced with electrified technology for added performance and efficiency.



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