Chevrolet C10 Restomod: A Duramax Diesel Powerhouse

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Chevrolet C10 Restomod
Chevrolet C10 Restomod

Brought to you by Truck Hub Magazine and boasting components from esteemed suppliers such as Roadster Shop, Hurst Performance, or Rotiform, this LML Duramax project hails from the outskirts of Birmingham, Alabama. Chevrolet has been making bold moves lately after discontinuing the sixth-generation Camaro last year, and production ceased in December 2023.

Now, the anticipated tenth-generation Malibu has been scrapped, with Chevy opting for a second generation of the Chevrolet Bolt, potentially transformed into a crossover SUV instead. Seems like General Motors is following in the footsteps of Ford Motor Company with Chevrolet, narrowing its passenger car lineup to just the C8 Corvette, similar to Ford’s sole offering, the S650 Mustang.

Chevrolet C10 Restomod
Chevrolet C10 Restomod

However, the massive powertrain hinted at by the oversized rear tires packs a punch of 802 horsepower, devoid of spark plugs. In contrast to typical V8 gasoline builds, the owner and the shop opted for the widely-used 6.6-liter Duramax diesel powerplant, specifically the LML V8, which in its factory setup churns out 397 hp and 765 lb-ft (1,037 Nm) of torque.

Yet, this one delivers over double the power thanks to a compound turbo setup, now boasting 1,612 lb-ft of torque! To complement the powerhouse, they integrated a “righteous ZF 6 trans with a Hurst shifter,” while all the muscle is transmitted through a SPEC one-off twin-disc clutch to a Ford 9-inch rear-end.

Moreover, extensive custom bodywork was undertaken, including a bespoke hood opening to allow the turbos to breathe through a short exhaust system. And in case you’re curious about the paint job – it’s BASF Jeep Moss Green layered with a custom pearl blend.

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