Will Power Battles for Lead, Settles for Second in Indy GP Despite Strong Restart

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Will Power
Will Power

Will Power, starting third in the race, applied pressure for the lead throughout, especially during in- and out-laps. However, the decisive moment came during the event’s only restart on lap 68 of 85. Despite making a strong move from his second position in the No. 12 Team Penske Chevrolet, Power couldn’t overtake leader Alex Palou and finished 6.106 seconds behind, marking his third second-place finish in four races.

Power, a two-time IndyCar Series champion, acknowledged the mixed emotions of consistently finishing on the podium. He expressed satisfaction with podium finishes in such a competitive series but admitted frustration at being so close to a win, especially during restarts. Power emphasized the importance of balancing risk to avoid bad days and remained hopeful that consistent top finishes would eventually lead to a victory.

Will Power
Will Power

Currently, Power is second in the overall standings, just 12 points behind reigning champion Alex Palou. He highlighted the team’s solid performance despite missing two key members – strategist Ron Ruzeweski and data acquisition engineer Robbie Atkinson – due to suspensions from a previous push-to-pass scandal. Power credited race engineer Dave Faustino for effectively managing the additional workload and strategy during the race.

Reflecting on the challenges, Power noted that the team remained focused and undeterred by the penalties. He downplayed the scandal, attributing it to a mistake rather than deliberate wrongdoing, and mentioned his role in testing the software involved. Power emphasized that such errors, while magnified for a top team like Penske, are part of the sport.

Power’s focus remains on maintaining professionalism and performing at his best each week. He is determined to secure a win while keeping the team’s championship ambitions in mind. Despite external pressures and setbacks, Power continues to work hard, stay positive, and aim for success in the remaining races.

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