Neuville’s Triumph: Hyundai Driver’s Remarkable Performance in WRC’s Gravel Opener

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Thierry Neuville

The Hyundai driver, despite concerns about the disadvantage of opening the gravel roads on Friday, surprised many with a strong performance in the first event of the WRC’s gravel season. This performance included a remarkable stage win on Arganil, minimizing time loss to 18.1s and keeping the Belgian firmly in contention.

Neuville steadily climbed the leaderboard throughout the event, ultimately finishing third and claiming 13 points heading into the final day. Retirements for rally leaders Kalle Rovanpera and Takamoto Katsuta aided his ascent. Neuville’s Super Sunday performance saw him secure second place and win the Power Stage, garnering 24 points, significantly more than his title rival Evans, who struggled throughout the rally.

Reflecting on his unexpected podium finish and championship lead extension, Neuville acknowledged the difficulty of the achievement but emphasized the importance of consistency in maintaining the lead. He noted the potential for points swings due to unforeseen challenges, highlighting the need for steadfast performance throughout the season.

Thierry Neuville
Thierry Neuville

Evans, on the other hand, faced challenges throughout the event, salvaging only six points after a stone damaged his cooling system, forcing him to limp through a stage and undergo a roadside repair. Starting the rally with confidence issues, Evans also encountered misfortune with a puncture and the absence of his pacenote book during a stage.

Despite the disappointing outcome, Evans remains optimistic, acknowledging the early stage of the season and the potential for rapid shifts in the championship standings. He stresses the importance of learning from setbacks and focusing on strong performances in upcoming rallies to turn the tide.

Both drivers recognize the unpredictability of rallying and the necessity of resilience and adaptability in pursuit of championship success. While Neuville celebrates his unexpected success in Portugal, Evans aims to regroup and bounce back in the next event, knowing that anything can happen at any moment during rallying.


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