Challenger Deputy: 1970 Model Insights & Rarity

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1970 Model Insights
1970 Model Insights

As the Dodge Challenger hit showroom floors in the fall of 1969, ready to make its mark as a 1970 model, Chrysler had high hopes of sending 200,000 of these ponies to new homes. With a diverse lineup ranging from the top-tier R/T SE with a potent 426 Hemi to the more modest coupes, Chrysler aimed to cater to various budgets and preferences in the E-body automobile market.

Before dismissing the idea of a Dodge Challenger Coupe, introduced in March 1970, midway through the model year, the Challenger Deputy, though understated, had its charm. This pillarless coupe featured bolted-shut rear windows, distinctive crank holes covered with chrome plugs, and a modest list of standard equipment.

1970 Model Insights
1970 Model Insights

Fast forward to the present day, and finding these early-year rarities is a challenge. Many have vanished over time, while others have undergone significant modifications. Take, for instance, a Deputy recently unearthed in West Georgia by a YouTuber. Despite its neglected state, this Challenger still retains its original essence, albeit with some modifications over the years.

With plans for a restoration underway, the fate of this rare find hangs in the balance. Given its scarcity and historical significance, the question arises: is it worth the investment to fully restore this Deputy to its former glory? With less than 2.5% of 1970 Challengers falling into this category, the decision is not an easy one.

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