1970 ‘Cuda Spotlight: Rare Beauty Emerges on eBay

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1970 'Cuda Spotlight
1970 'Cuda Spotlight

The allure of Impact colors transformed the ‘Cuda into an undeniable head-turner, with options like the iconic Moulin Rouge capturing enthusiasts’ hearts. However, amidst the vibrant palette, all five High Impact finishes of the 1970 ‘Cuda exuded a mesmerizing charm.

Plymouth’s offering included the ‘Cuda with a standard 383 Magnum V8 engine, setting the stage for exhilarating performance. For those craving more power, optional upgrades beckoned, such as the 440 four-barrel Magnum or the formidable 426 Hemi, the pinnacle of ‘Cuda performance.

1970 'Cuda Spotlight
1970 ‘Cuda Spotlight

Recently, a 1970 ‘Cuda surfaced on eBay, presenting itself as a restoration canvas awaiting its masterpiece. Captured in striking detail by seller 67pace101, the ‘Cuda’s allure is undeniable, despite minor imperfections like a dent from a fallen board and surface bubbles above the tires.

A surprising twist awaits under the hood: the ‘Cuda, originally equipped with a 440 four-barrel engine according to its VIN, now boasts a 1968 unit paired with a manual transmission. While purists may balk at the deviation, the drivetrain’s functionality remains intact, with the engine delivering robust performance.

As expected of a ‘Cuda in such remarkable condition, the asking price reflects its allure. Priced at $62,500, the owner stands firm, signaling the ‘Cuda’s worth in the market. With 23 eager eyes already watching the listing, enthusiasts have a limited window to secure this automotive icon, parked in London, Ohio.

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