Ford Super Duty Fuel Leak: NHTSA Safety Probe

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Ford Super Duty Fuel Leak
Ford Super Duty Fuel Leak

Ford Motor Company finds itself under scrutiny due to a probe into diesel-powered Super Duty trucks produced between 2015 and 2021, spanning from the F-250 to the F-550 models. With an estimated 210,960 trucks potentially affected, Ford may face a safety recall if the investigation concludes with concerning findings.

Prompted by 27 complaints alleging fuel leaks stemming from a fracture in the secondary fuel filter housing, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiated the probe. These suspect filters were supplied by Allevard Sogefi USA of Prichard, West Virginia, prompting further investigation into the matter.

Ford Super Duty Fuel Leak
Ford Super Duty Fuel Leak

Of the 27 complaints, 12 reported instances of engine compartment fires, raising serious safety concerns. Given the proximity of the secondary fuel filter to high-temperature components, the risk of underhood fires is significant in case of a leak. NHTSA has reached out to both Allevard Sogefi USA and Ford Motor Company for additional information on this pressing issue.

Notably, affected Super Duty trucks feature a low-pressure fuel system capable of 8.5 bar, while the secondary fuel filter is tested at a maximum of 7 bar during production. Whether the responsibility lies solely with the supplier or if Ford shares accountability remains uncertain pending further investigation.

In light of these developments, owners and prospective buyers of Super Duty trucks should remain vigilant and await further updates from NHTSA and Ford regarding potential safety recalls or remedial actions.

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