BFGoodrich KO3 Tire: Off-Road Innovation Revealed

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BFGoodrich KO3 Tire
BFGoodrich KO3 Tire

BFGoodrich recently revealed its latest off-road tire, the All-Terrain T/A KO3, as a successor to the popular KO2 model. With over 100 unique sizes available, this tire represents the pinnacle of off-road capability and versatility for a wide range of vehicles, from light trucks to full-size SUVs.

Designed from the ground up to excel in various off-road conditions, the KO3 features a reworked tread pattern, robust sidewalls, and an advanced rubber compound for maximum traction and durability. Drawing inspiration from BFGoodrich’s racing heritage, the KO3 incorporates lessons learned from motorsports to deliver exceptional performance on and off the road.

BFGoodrich KO3 Tire
BFGoodrich KO3 Tire

With a focus on managing the increasing weight and power of modern off-road vehicles, the KO3 offers improved wear performance without compromising on capability. By blending elements from BFGoodrich’s Trail-Terrain T/A and Mud Terrain T/A KM3 tires, the KO3 delivers balanced performance for off-road enthusiasts.

Supported by considerable research and development resources, BFGoodrich aims to make the KO3 available in a wide range of sizes to accommodate various vehicles and applications. With the first sizes already hitting dealerships and more to come in the following years, the KO3 promises to raise off-road performance for enthusiasts worldwide.


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