Alfa Romeo’s Renaissance: Expanding Lineup and Enthusiast Dreams

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Alfa Romeo's Renaissance
Alfa Romeo's Renaissance

Alfa Romeo’s resurgence is impressive, expanding its lineup from just two models a few years ago to an impressive five. Yet, for some enthusiasts, this isn’t enough for the legendary Italian marque.

Alfa Romeo Automobiles S.p.A., a premium Italian automaker under the Stellantis umbrella, boasts a rich heritage dating back almost 114 years to its founding in Milan, Italy. While the brand faced challenges in recent decades, the introduction of new models signals a promising revival.

Alfa Romeo's Renaissance
Alfa Romeo’s Renaissance

The compact Tonale crossover SUV, launched in 2022, marked Alfa Romeo’s return to the hybrid market and is built on a versatile platform shared with other Stellantis brands. Following the Tonale, the limited-edition revival of the Alfa Romeo 33 Stradale, produced in just 33 units, offered enthusiasts a look into the brand’s iconic past with modern powertrain options, including an all-electric variant.

Rounding out the lineup is the Alfa Romeo Junior, initially named Milano, a subcompact crossover sharing its platform with other Stellantis models. Despite its brief controversy with the Italian government over its name, the Junior promises to attract a new generation of Alfa Romeo enthusiasts.

However, some enthusiasts, like industrial designer Giorgi Tedoradze, advocate for even more models, envisioning concepts like the Alfa Romeo Tommaso a sporty crossover blending modern design with retro-inspired elements, drawing inspiration from Alfa Romeo’s rich history.

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