Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ram 2500: Towing Showdown & EV Realities

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Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ram 2500
Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ram 2500

An all-electric pickup truck holds immense promise, particularly for tradespeople seeking convenience and reduced fuel costs. However, towing capabilities may fall short of expectations.

Let’s say you’ve got $100,000 to spend on a new pickup truck, and the Tesla Cybertruck catches your eye. Before jumping in, consider this: Tesla doesn’t offer a lease option for the Cybertruck. You either finance it or pay the full price upfront.

The Cybertruck, revealed late last year, revealed some surprises during its testing phase. Despite boasting impressive features like bullet resistance and futuristic design, it disappointed in areas such as battery performance. Initially promised a 500-mile range, it falls short at just over 250 miles on a fully charged battery.

Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ram 2500
Tesla Cybertruck vs. Ram 2500

To compensate, Tesla offers an external battery pack, though it’s yet to materialize and comes at a hefty cost. While the Cybertruck’s unique features and aesthetic may appeal to many, its practicality for towing long distances raises concerns.

A comparison test against a heavy-duty diesel-powered Ram 2500 Cummins showcased the Cybertruck’s limitations. Despite its 600-horsepower output, it covered only 85 miles while towing an 8,000-lb trailer, compared to the Ram’s potential of over 250 additional miles. Moreover, charging time and cost further diminish its appeal for long-haul towing.

Nevertheless, the Cybertruck isn’t without merits. Its innovation and sustainable approach align with the desire for progress and choice in the automotive world. However, for those prioritizing towing capability, alternatives may prove more suitable.


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