Classic Firebird Evolution: 1973 Esprit, Trans Am Rarity

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1973 Esprit, Trans Am Rarity
1973 Esprit, Trans Am Rarity

In the early ’70s, the Trans Am wasn’t yet the star of the Firebird lineup, despite its growing popularity with each release. Surprisingly, the best-selling Firebird version in 1973 was the Esprit, accounting for 17,249 units out of the 46,313 cars produced that year.

Close behind was the base Firebird, which had 14,096 units, with the Formula taking third place. Only 4,802 Trans-Ams were produced in 1973. Most Firebirds rolled off the assembly line equipped with a V8 engine, and the 1973 model featured in these pictures is no exception.

The eBay seller, octanevalley, believes the original 350ci block is still in the car, and fortunately, it has been rebuilt, although its current running condition is uncertain.

1973 Esprit, Trans Am Rarity
1973 Esprit, Trans Am Rarity

The VIN (2S87M3N132117) identifies this as a 1973 Firebird with an M-code engine, indicating a 350ci Pontiac engine with a rating of 150 horsepower in 1973. The output increased gradually in subsequent years, reaching 160 horsepower in 1976, its final year on the market. Equipped with a two-barrel carburetor and a single exhaust, this V8 offered a balance of power and efficiency.

Although some parts may not be visible in the photos, the seller claims the Firebird comes with GM fenders and door skins, which are available separately. Potential buyers interested in taking on this project should inspect it in person. The car is located in Elizabeth, New Jersey, and will require a trailer for transport due to its current condition.

Despite its status as a work-in-progress and the likelihood of missing parts, the owner values the car at $5,700, though they are open to other offers through the Make Offer option. With 44 people watching the listing on eBay, it’s evident that this Firebird remains a compelling project for many Pontiac enthusiasts.


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