1966 Impala Convertible: Rustic Charm and Potential

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1966 Impala Convertible
1966 Impala Convertible

The Impala’s dominance in the U.S. market reached new heights in 1965 as it became the first car to ship over 1 million units in a single year. Sales remained robust throughout the latter half of the decade, despite a slight dip in 1966 due to the introduction of the Caprice series.

Nonetheless, the Impala retained its allure and success among Chevrolet buyers. The 1966 convertible showcased in these photos serves as a nostalgic reminder of the Impala’s legacy from 58 years ago.

However, time has taken its toll on this once-fantastic car, evident from its prolonged exposure to the elements in the owner’s yard. While covered, rust issues on the floors and quarters are apparent, emphasizing the importance of a thorough inspection before making a purchase.

1966 Impala Convertible
1966 Impala Convertible

Fortunately, the interior remains intact and salvageable, albeit in need of a thorough cleaning. Under the hood lies the impressive 396 big block engine, though its current condition is uncertain as it hasn’t been started in about a year.

The owner claims it’s a 1966 Impala SS, but the VIN decodes to a standard eight-cylinder Impala, raising questions about its authenticity. Listed on eBay with a no-reserve auction starting at $8,000, the car has yet to attract any bids since its recent online debut.

With the auction ending in three days, the outcome remains uncertain. Located in Spindale, North Carolina, transporting the convertible home will require a trailer.

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