Ferrari 12Cilindri: Performance and Customization Options

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Ferrari 12Cilindri
Ferrari 12Cilindri

Many people are excited about Ferrari’s new 2+2 car, the 12Cilindri, which can be a coupe or a convertible. Even though it’s not available yet, some enthusiasts are already interested in modifying it. The 12Cilindri is different from the previous Ferrari, the 812 Superfast, both in how it looks and how fast it goes.

The car’s main attraction lies in its naturally-aspirated 6.5-liter V12 engine, devoid of turbochargers or hybrid assistance, promising a purist driving experience. With starting prices ranging from $423k for the coupe to $466k for the convertible, customization options abound, with Miami-based Wheels Boutique and ANRKY Wheels offering enticing aftermarket wheel sets to personalize the 12Cilindri to one’s tastes.

Ferrari 12Cilindri
Ferrari 12Cilindri

With Ferrari now offering two models boasting 819 horsepower – the 12Cilindri and the 296 series enthusiasts face a choice between tradition and innovation. The 12Cilindri, with its classic Daytona-esque design and V12 engine, appeals to those seeking a timeless driving experience. Conversely, the 296 series, equipped with a plug-in hybrid V6, represents Ferrari’s foray into modern styling and cutting-edge technology.

The decision between keeping the car stock or exploring customization options is a personal one. While some may prefer to preserve the car as intended by the manufacturer, others may find delight in enhancing its aesthetics and performance through aftermarket modifications. Ultimately, the choice rests with the individual and their vision for their Ferrari 12Cilindri.

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