Ultimate Plymouth Road Runner: Limelight Edition 1970

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Limelight Edition 1970
Limelight Edition 1970

A Road Runner with matching numbers is hard to come by, and the HEMI engine is also quite uncommon. It also costs a lot, usually more than $100,000. If the thought of spending that much money is off the table, a well-equipped Road Runner without the HEMI may still turn heads, particularly if it’s painted a striking color. That’s aptly illustrated by this 1970 Limelight rendition.

Spotted at a Mopar car show in Florida, this B-body model is powered by the most common Road Runner engine of its time. I’m referring to the 383-cubic-inch big-block V8, which served as the standard engine in 1970.

It was the preferred choice for the majority of Road Runner buyers that year, finding its way into 34,894 out of the 36,861 examples sold, accounting for nearly 95% of total production.

Limelight Edition 1970
Limelight Edition 1970

Known as Limelight, this vibrant green hue stands out as a one-year exclusive, available only in 1970, under code FJ5, also dubbed Sublime on Dodge models. Paired with a white interior, this Road Runner boasts a striking contrast, adding to its visual appeal.

Meticulously repainted to a flawless finish, this coupe proudly displays the iconic dust-trail stripes adorning its sides, accentuated by the Air Grabber hood—an option usually associated with higher-performance engines. While commonly linked with HEMI and 440 powerplants, the Air Grabber was available with any engine choice.

Sporting an automatic transmission, this impeccable Road Runner belongs to a select group of 6,888 units featuring this body style and drivetrain combination. While not exceedingly rare, its flawless presentation and authentic period features overshadow any concerns about its production numbers.


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