Cadillac’s Global Revival: CT6’s Chinese Legacy & Electric Future

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Cadillac's Global Revival
Cadillac's Global Revival

In China, Cadillac has boldly continued the tradition of large sedans with models like the second-generation CT6, tailored exclusively for Chinese consumers.

However, the brand hasn’t neglected its domestic market, maintaining offerings like the CT4 and CT5 series, with the latter recently receiving updates for the 2025 model year, including both standard models and the high-performance V-Series and Blackwing variants.

Cadillac's Global Revival
Cadillac’s Global Revival

Virtual artist Vince Burlapp, known for his automotive concepts, weighed in on the CT6’s fate, expressing both satisfaction and disappointment. While glad for its continuation, he questions whether the new iteration surpasses its American counterpart.

Considering rumors of Cadillac developing two new electric sedans, Burlapp envisions a practical yet personality-infused offering, drawing inspiration from the trend of large electric sedans like the Tesla Model S and Lucid Air. Such a vehicle, priced competitively against both German and American peers, could potentially find success in the US market, whether named CT6 or DeVille IQ.

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