Classic GTO: Restored Icon of Pontiac’s Glory Days

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Classic GTO
Classic GTO

The hardtop version of the Pontiac GTO was the most popular choice among consumers at Pontiac dealerships in 1965. The GTO’s popularity was further emphasized by the significant demand for the four-barrel and Tri-Power variants, with 54,805 customers opting for the former and over 20,500 for the latter. This strong performance underscored the GTO’s status as a coveted choice among automotive enthusiasts.

An exemplary representation of the 1965 Pontiac GTO is showcased in the accompanying photos, meticulously restored to its factory condition through a comprehensive frame-off restoration process. This attention to detail has transformed the vehicle into a fascinating GTO, cherished as a trailer queen for three years.

Classic GTO
Classic GTO

Under the hood lies a matching-numbers 389 V8 engine, which, according to the owner, runs smoothly and quietly. The presence of the original three deuces setup further adds to the authenticity of the vehicle, meticulously maintained to ensure peak performance.

Identifying a genuine 1965 GTO can be challenging due to Pontiac offering it as a LeMans option that year, without separate codes. However, potential buyers can verify the authenticity through a Pontiac Historic Services (PHS) check, ensuring the vehicle’s legitimacy.

Despite its restored condition and timeless appeal, this 1965 Pontiac GTO has attracted significant attention on eBay, with bidding surpassing $25,000. While the seller has set a reserve, indicating a higher bidding threshold, the auction presents a rare opportunity to acquire a meticulously restored piece of automotive history.

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