1963 Sport Fury: Rare Engine Options and Restoration

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1963 Sport Fury
1963 Sport Fury

In 1963, potential buyers interested in a Sport Fury had various engine options available. Although the standard 318 two-barrel setup was favored, Plymouth provided more powerful alternatives, such as the Commando 361 two-barrel and the Golden Commando 383 with a four-barrel carburetor.

At the pinnacle of the lineup for that year sat the Wedge 426, equipped with two four-barrel carburetors. Production numbers for the Sport Fury in 1963 totaled 15,253 units, with the majority equipped with the standard V8. Only a small fraction, 86 cars to be precise, left the factory with the Wedge V8.

Recently emerging from a 34-year slumber, the Sport Fury featured in these photos has undergone significant restoration work, including a fresh coat of paint and new interior seats. While the Arctic White paint isn’t original, it retains its allure, albeit not flawless.

1963 Sport Fury
1963 Sport Fury

Under the hood, the original 318 V8 still resides, signaling minimal alteration during its storage period. Mechanical enhancements, such as a dual-exhaust system and refreshed brakes, enhance its performance and reliability.

Accompanied by its original sheet metal, spare, and jack, this Sport Fury presents a solid restoration opportunity. Despite some metal damage and rust, it remains a promising project for enthusiasts seeking a piece of automotive history.

Currently attracting bids, with the highest offer at $23,500, this Sport Fury awaits its next owner in Fruita, Colorado. For serious buyers, a thorough inspection is advised to ensure a sound investment.


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