Rare ’71 Barracuda Convertible: Lemon Twist Muscle Car Rarity

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Rare '71 Barracuda Convertible
Rare '71 Barracuda Convertible

The 1971 Barracuda gave rise to some rare jewels, although being less common than its predecessor. Only 114 HEMI ‘Cudas were made, including seven convertibles, which frequently bring in seven figures at auction, making it the holy grail of automobiles. Only 254 440 Six-Barrel models, including just 17 convertibles, have been sold, making them extremely rare.

1971 convertibles are extremely rare, regardless of trim level or powertrain type. Only 1,388 of the 18,690 Barracudas sold that year were convertibles, accounting for just 7.4% of total production. Of the 292 units delivered in ‘Cuda trim, the Lemon Twist variant stands out from the others.

Rare '71 Barracuda Convertible
Rare ’71 Barracuda Convertible

Originally finished in FY1 hue, this ‘Cuda underwent a meticulous restoration, retaining its high-impact allure with a white interior and convertible top. Equipped with an extensive list of factory options, including a Shaker hood and Rallye instrument cluster, this ‘Cuda boasts a four-barrel 383-cubic-inch V8, contributing to its exclusivity.

Amidst the vibrant spectrum of high-impact colors, Lemon Twist emerges as a standout, available from 1970 to 1973. Despite its short-lived tenure, Lemon Twist leaves an indelible mark on Barracuda enthusiasts, symbolizing the essence of the golden muscle car era.

While the authenticity of its components and mileage remains uncertain, bidders at an ongoing auction have already reached $70,000, a testament to its desirability. For enthusiasts, the allure of this Lemon Twist drop-top transcends monetary value, embodying the essence of Mopar’s legendary performance heritage.

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