Rivian’s R1 Refresh: Enhanced Driver Assistance & Partnerships

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Rivian's R1 Refresh
Rivian's R1 Refresh

Rivian is getting ready to show off some updates for their R1 models soon. These changes should come out in the summer. One of the updates is a new package to help drivers, and they’re also testing some R1T trucks with special sensors called Lidar.

Carmakers have gradually moved away from LiDAR sensors, despite the fact that they were formerly thought to be necessary for autonomous driving, in favor of Tesla’s vision-only strategy.

However, LiDAR retains its significance in calibrating sensors for new vehicle models or upgraded hardware, offering precision crucial for setting up vision sensors accurately. Rivian’s decision to utilize LiDAR sensors during testing underscores its commitment to enhancing its Driver+ assistance software, akin to Tesla Autopilot, offering basic and advanced driver assistance features.

Rivian's R1 Refresh
Rivian’s R1 Refresh

While Rivian’s refreshed R1T and R1S models are poised to feature new driver assistance hardware, rumors suggest a potential partnership with Tesla to license Full Self-Driving software and hardware.

Alternatively, speculation abounds regarding a partnership with Apple, although no official confirmation has been provided. With Rivian’s dedication to innovation and technological advancement, the future holds promise for further advancements in autonomous driving capabilities.

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