Mid-Size SUV Showdown: Ford, BMW, and Dodge Drag Race

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Ford, BMW, and Dodge Drag Race
Ford, BMW, and Dodge Drag Race

Sam, the host of the Sam CarLegion YouTube channel, renowned for his diverse automotive content, including classic reviews, traditional comparisons, and adrenaline-pumping quarter-mile drag races, Sam resides in Canada, utilizing a former airfield strip as his preferred testing ground.

Despite its less-than-ideal surface grip compared to standard racetracks, this location offers invaluable insights into real-world vehicle performance, a principle Sam prioritizes by incorporating both dig and roll races into his content.

Ford, BMW, and Dodge Drag Race
Ford, BMW, and Dodge Drag Race

This week’s matchup, kicking off Week 20 of 2024, features the Ford Explorer ST, Dodge Durango SRT 392, and BMW X6. While the Explorer and Durango boast American roots, the BMW X6 adds an international flavor, hailing from BMW’s North American plant in Greer, South Carolina.

Sam’s decision to pit mid-size crossover SUVs against each other injects fresh excitement into his channel, departing from recent matchups involving trucks, sedans, and sporty cars. Despite less-than-ideal track conditions on a humid day, the races proceed, commencing with roll races to warm up the tires.

The Explorer ST’s showdown with the Durango SRT 392 yields another closely contested battle, with the Ford narrowly clinching victory in the initial roll race. Yet, the Durango ultimately triumphs in the quarter-mile drag, highlighting the fierce competition among these mid-size SUVs. In a thrilling finale, the Durango faces off against the X6, with the former emerging victorious in the drag race, showcasing its formidable performance capabilities.


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