1970 Chevelle: Rare Tuxedo Black Variant Restoration

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1970 Chevelle
1970 Chevelle

The Chevelle depicted in these image presents a unique spectacle on the roads; departing from the norm, it rolled off the factory floor sporting a rare Tuxedo Black exterior complemented by a white vinyl top.

While exact production numbers for this specific color combination are unavailable, it’s undoubtedly a rare find among Chevelles of that era. Despite losing its original paint due to years in storage, the car retains its allure, albeit with visible metal damage and rust.

1970 Chevelle
1970 Chevelle

Under the hood, the original V8 has been replaced with a 350 small-block unit from a 1971 model. Though not in working condition, the engine shows potential for restoration.

Despite its challenges, this Chevelle represents a solid restoration candidate. With bidding starting at $5,000 and no takers yet, it presents a compelling opportunity for enthusiasts willing to invest time and effort. Located in Delmar, New York, interested buyers are encouraged to conduct a thorough inspection before making a decision.


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