Eli ZERO: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility with Micro-EV Innovation

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Eli ZERO epitomizes the concept of a micro-vehicle, also referred to as a micro-EV, LSV, electric quad, or NEV, depending on regulations. Tailored for short urban journeys, it boasts a small footprint, quick acceleration, and produces no exhaust emissions thanks to its electric drive system.

The concept of compact vehicles for urban commutes, bridging the gap between passenger cars and two-wheelers, isn’t novel. With an increasing number of cities, particularly in Europe, implementing low-emission zones to enhance air quality and tackle congestion, vehicles like the Eli ZERO offer practical solutions. Revealed at the 2017 CES, the micro-car targeted future markets, prioritizing Europe and, subsequently, the U.S.


Originating just two years prior through crowdfunding, Eli Electric Vehicles was founded by CEO Marcus Li, inspired by New York urban living patterns indicating daily trips under 10 miles. The result was the Eli ZERO, available in Europe and French Polynesia for a few years before its imminent North American launch. Pre-orders commenced on May 7, 2014, requiring a fully-refundable $200 deposit.

Measuring 4.5 feet wide and 7.4 feet long, the Eli ZERO boasts maneuverability in congested streets, convenient parking, and a roomy cabin for two occupants. It also features a 5-cu-ft trunk, catering to daily commutes, car sharing, or resort/park grounds.

The Eli ZERO redefines urban mobility, offering sustainability, convenience, and affordability. Priced at $11,990, it emerges as a compelling micro-EV option in the U.S. market.

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