Ford’s EcoSport Successor: Emerging Market Evolution

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Ford's EcoSport Successor
Ford's EcoSport Successor

Anticipated to make its debut primarily in emerging markets such as South America and India, the next-generation Ford EcoSport (name pending) may not see a return to Europe, North America, or Australia. With the discontinuation of the EcoSport, Ford’s entry-level crossover segment in North America has been succeeded by the larger Escape.

However, enthusiasts of subcompact crossovers need not be concerned, as Ford is already in the works for a successor with a different market focus. Despite the upcoming model’s specifications remaining undisclosed, its launch is expected within approximately a year.

Initial discussions hinted at a collaboration between Ford and Mahindra, potentially utilizing Mahindra’s 1.5-liter turbo-four engine. Additionally, there were speculations about Mahindra developing its own version of the subcompact crossover.

Ford's EcoSport Successor
Ford’s EcoSport Successor

Ford’s EcoSport SuccessorHowever, recent reports suggest a potential revision to this plan. The new EcoSport could instead be built on a Ford platform, incorporating Ford’s powertrain options. Additionally, there’s speculation about the inclusion of a diesel engine, catering to the ongoing demand for such engines in certain markets.

Regarding its design, a leaked patent image reveals a more upscale and evolutionary styling direction. Based on this image, renderings by Kolesa envision a more compelling design compared to the current EcoSport, though it’s not expected to be overly exciting.

At the rear, the model boasts modern-looking taillights and a more stylish tailgate, bumper, and diffuser. Ford has introduced new lines on the profile, and the slightly arched roofline towards the rear ensures ample rear headroom and cargo space. Larger wheels contribute to a perceived increase in size, potentially translating to more interior space.

Inside, the cabin is expected to exude a modern feel, possibly featuring upscale materials throughout. Anticipated features include a digital gauge cluster, a larger touchscreen infotainment system, wireless charging, smartphone connectivity, and enhanced safety technology.


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