Nissan Townstar Karaok-e: Electric Minivan Transformed

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Nissan Townstar Karaok-e
Nissan Townstar Karaok-e

Nissan has revealed a unique variant of the Townstar, dubbed the Townstar Karaok-e, which transforms the minivan into an electric karaoke lounge on wheels. Emphasizing well-being and happiness, this one-of-a-kind vehicle integrates a host of features to raise the singing experience.

Externally, the Townstar Karaok-e showcases a vibrant wrap with hashtags and the model name adorning its sides and hood. The addition of a neon-like roof attachment evokes nostalgia for the disco era, enhancing the vehicle’s appeal.

Nissan Townstar Karaok-e
Nissan Townstar Karaok-e

Inside, Nissan maximizes the spacious interior of the Townstar Evalia, seating seven, to create a state-of-the-art karaoke lounge. The centerpiece is a 32-inch monitor display complemented by an integrated karaoke system and powerful audio, including a subwoofer.

Performers can personalize their experience using Instant Sharing apps, with roof and cabinet lighting synchronized to the music beat for an immersive ambiance. A GoPro allows users to record and share their performances on social media platforms.

While Nissan describes the Townstar Karaok-e as a one-of-a-kind concept, there’s speculation that it could gauge consumer interest and potentially bring the concept to fruition if demand warrants.


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