Novitec’s Sinister Ferrari Purosangue: V12 Power Unleashed

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Novitec's Sinister Ferrari Purosangue
Novitec's Sinister Ferrari Purosangue

Novitec has recently showcased an imposing variant of the Ferrari Purosangue, featuring a striking all-black exterior with yellow accents. This V12-powered super crossover maintains its factory bodywork, including bumpers, side skirts, diffuser, and rear wing, with Novitec’s NF-10 alloys providing a distinctive touch.

While interior details remain undisclosed, we envision a combination of red leather upholstery and black accents to complement the car’s aggressive exterior. Powered by a 6.5-liter V12 engine producing 715 horsepower, the Purosangue delivers exhilarating performance, surpassing even the mighty Enzo in acceleration. With a top speed exceeding 193 mph, this Ferrari commands attention on the road.

Novitec's Sinister Ferrari Purosangue
Novitec’s Sinister Ferrari Purosangue

Despite its impressive performance, the Purosangue comes with a hefty price tag, starting at nearly $400,000. However, with additional options and fees, the final cost could exceed half a million dollars.

Production of the Purosangue commenced last year in Maranello, Italy, marking Ferrari’s foray into the high-performance crossover segment. Drawing inspiration from the Roma, the Purosangue exemplifies Ferrari’s commitment to innovation and excellence.

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