Ferrari’s V12 Legacy: Turbocharging Taboo and Euro 7 Challenges

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Ferrari's V12 Legacy
Ferrari's V12 Legacy

At Ferrari, a bastion of automotive excellence, the question of turbocharging its iconic V12 engines has sparked considerable debate. Gianmaria Fulgenzi, the company’s head of product development, emphatically rejects such a notion, advocating for turbocharging only in the context of reduced engine displacement, as evidenced by Ferrari’s F154 engine family.

Ferrari’s legacy, dating back to its inception in the 1940s under the visionary leadership of Enzo Ferrari, has been intricately woven with the thunderous symphony of its naturally aspirated V12 powerplants.

Yet, amidst mounting pressures from emissions and fuel economy regulations, enthusiasts eagerly speculate on the possibility of Ferrari adopting turbocharging for its revered V12 engines in the foreseeable future. The F154, initially introduced as a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 in the California T, has evolved through various iterations, culminating in the 4.0-liter engine powering the SF90 series.

Ferrari's V12 Legacy
Ferrari’s V12 Legacy

While the F154 has replaced the legendary naturally aspirated F136 engines, Fulgenzi remained mum on the possibility of hybrid assistance for Ferrari’s current V12.

Yet, Enrico Galliera, Ferrari’s chief commercial officer, confirmed the company’s substantial investments to ensure compliance with the rigorous Euro 6e emissions standards. With Euro 7 regulations looming for all passenger vehicles by July 1, 2025, Ferrari, having delivered over 13,000 vehicles worldwide in 2023, faces a pressing need for further innovation.

While Galliera hinted at uncertain future directions, such as hybridization or downsizing, Ferrari’s commitment to its V12 heritage remains steadfast for now. As the sole legacy automaker offering purely internal combustion V12 vehicles, Ferrari stands at a crossroads, balancing tradition with the demands of a rapidly evolving automotive world.

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