Subaru Legacy to Forester: Future Hybrid Evolution

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Subaru Legacy to Forester
Subaru Legacy to Forester

In recent reports, it has been revealed that Subaru is set to integrate Toyota’s hybrid technology into their forthcoming Forester Hybrid model, a move aimed at enhancing its appeal and efficiency. This adoption of hybrid powertrain will not only be exclusive to the Forester but will also extend to the Crosstrek, providing customers with a choice between traditional internal combustion engines and hybrid options.

Additionally, Subaru has made headlines with its decision to discontinue the long-standing Legacy model after the 2025 model year, citing lackluster sales in comparison to the Legacy-based Outback. This strategic move will result in the cessation of production at the Lafayette, Indiana plant in spring 2025, paving the way for the assembly of Subaru’s all-new Forester from 2026 onwards.

Subaru Legacy to Forester
Subaru Legacy to Forester

Subaru Legacy to ForesterDespite the popularity of the Forester in the US, with over 152,000 deliveries in 2023 alone, Subaru currently imports the model from Japan. However, the introduction of localized production, coupled with a hybrid variant, aims to bolster sales and cater to diverse consumer preferences.

Pricing for the redesigned Forester starts at $29,695, with higher trim levels reaching $39,995. Additionally, Subaru offers the rugged Forester Wilderness variant, priced at $39,920, catering to off-road enthusiasts.

While reports suggest a full-electric Forester is in development, Subaru has yet to confirm these speculations. Nonetheless, the company remains committed to expanding its electric vehicle lineup, with plans to introduce three zero-emission SUVs by 2027.

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