1967 GTO: Originality Explored, Restoration Potential Revealed

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1967 GTO
1967 GTO

The majority of buyers opted for the hardtop, recognizing it as the true home of the GTO spirit. Priced at $2,935, over 65,000 customers embraced this version. In 1967, he was stepping into a Pontiac dealership with at least $2,871 secured you a coupe, the most affordable GTO variation that year. Conversely, the convertible held the title of the priciest, with a base price of $3,165, enticing 9,517 buyers to place orders.

The 1967 GTO featured in these photos presents itself with an “original” setup, but due to the lack of information, verifying these claims will require an in-person or third-party inspection. Regrettably, the sparse details and limited photos shared by eBay seller dodgev10bill make this 1967 GTO an intriguing find, but potential buyers may hesitate due to the lack of comprehensive information.

1967 GTO
1967 GTO

The only insights provided pertain to the engine under the hood. The owner asserts that the GTO retains its original 400 V8 engine paired with an automatic transmission, both of which have been rebuilt and are in pristine condition today.

However, a thorough investigation is necessary for this GTO. While the owner mentions it’s a “daily driver,” indicating roadworthiness, it remains unclear if significant components are no longer original or require immediate attention. The owner also describes it as a “complete car for restoration,” indicating it’s a project vehicle. Interested parties should contact the seller to discuss all details comprehensively.

Interested buyers are strongly advised to inspect the car in person or arrange for a third-party inspection before making any commitments. The auction commences at $25,000, with a reserve set, indicating that bids must approach $30,000 to secure this GTO. The vehicle is located in Lakeside, California, with the auction concluding in nine days.

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