Automotive Design Evolution: From Skoda Vampires to CyberFerraris

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Automotive Design Evolution
Automotive Design Evolution

There’s a wide range of pixel creators in the automotive design area. While some remain independent and reject all ties to OEMs, others are willing to work with companies. And then some work for large automakers but still prefer doing personal projects for fun.

Baptiste de Brugiere, an independent design artist, occupies a middle ground in this spectrum. His name first gained attention in 2021 when Skoda commissioned him to reimagine the iconic Ferat Vampire-Mobile from a Czech horror film. This collaboration was part of the “Icons Get a Makeover” series, showcasing de Brugiere’s talent in breathing new life into forgotten automotive gems.

Automotive Design Evolution
Automotive Design Evolution

Fast forward to the present, and de Brugiere once again captures the spotlight with his Ferrari 412 Hommage project, spotlighted by Car Design World. Unlike the Skoda vampire car, this design concept is met with greater acclaim, though still sparking some controversy due to its sharp angles and unique proportions.

Referred to as a ‘CyberFerrari’ by some or likened to iconic models like the Honda S2000 or Dodge Viper by others, it offers a modern reinterpretation of the classic Ferrari 412 series.

In essence, de Brugiere’s unofficial project envisions a contemporary revival of the Ferrari 412 front-engined V12 2+2 grand tourer series, echoing the Prancing Horse’s commitment to blending past heritage with future innovation, as seen in recent models like the Roma and 296 GTB.


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