1966 Fairlane 500: Vintage Charm Restored, Rare Find Revealed

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1966 Fairlane 500
1966 Fairlane 500

The station wagon stood as the most expensive Fairlane 500, priced at $2,900, resulting in few sales, with even fewer still on the roads today. In 1966, the two-door sedan was the most economical V8-powered Fairlane 500, available for $2,423. However, the four-door variant was the preference for most buyers, priced at $2,463 and catering more to family needs.

The two-door Fairlane 500 depicted in these photos offers a prime opportunity to scrutinize the 1966 model year, remaining remarkably original despite spending two decades in a barn.

This Fairlane withstood the test of time admirably. Its primary issue was a mouse nest in the headliner, which the eBay seller vav033 removed, cleaned, and repaired to restore the Fairlane to its former glory.

The vehicle is now rodent-free and retains several original components. The factory-applied paint on the body evokes the essence of the 1966 model year, showcasing the finish applied by Ford prior to assembly. Though not flawless upon close inspection, it’s nonetheless impressive, especially considering its age.

1966 Fairlane 500
1966 Fairlane 500

Beneath the hood lies the original engine. The Fairlane 500 is powered by the factory 390 with a two-barrel carburetor. While the owner contemplated installing a four-barrel unit, they refrained, preserving the car’s originality.

Fortunately for restoration enthusiasts, rust isn’t a significant concern. Though specifics regarding storage location aren’t provided, the absence of rust, particularly on the undersides, suggests the owner ensured proper storage conditions.

The Fairlane has garnered significant interest on eBay, with the auction commencing recently and already receiving 16 bids. While the highest offer exceeds $10,000, the seller has set a reserve, necessitating higher bids to secure the vehicle.

Presently located in Brooklyn, Iowa, interested parties should contact the owner for additional information and arrange an in-person inspection. Though the car is operational, transportation via trailer is advisable due to its prolonged period of inactivity, necessitating thorough mechanical checks.

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