1961 Impala SS: Classic Elegance Enhanced, Originality Preserved

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1961 Impala SS
1961 Impala SS

Officially dubbed the “Impala Super Sport Equipment Package,” the Super Sport didn’t initially entail the performance enhancements it later became known for. Instead, it offered welcome and affordable enhancements such as chassis reinforcements, new springs and shocks, and power brakes.

The Super Sport package also boasted spinner wheel covers, whitewall tires, and a tachometer. However, the Impala SS featured in these photos harbors a significant secret beneath its Super Sport guise.

While a bubbletop already commands attention on the road, a previous owner sought to infuse this 1961 Impala with SS allure, initiating a conversion primarily focused on aesthetic enhancements. The SS badges adorning this Impala were part of this conversion, yet it’s vital to note that the car originally left the assembly line as a non-SS model.

1961 Impala SS
1961 Impala SS

Another secret lies within the trunk. Upon opening the hood and peering inside, one discovers a 409 big-block engine. Though the most potent engine initially available on the 1961 Impala was the 348, Chevrolet introduced the 409 big block upon the Super Sport package’s debut in February 1961, providing customers with a more robust powerplant. This engine perfectly complemented the Super Sport, particularly as the days of the 348 were numbered.

While this Impala rolled off the factory floor equipped with the formidable 348, the transformation to Super Sport also included affixing stickers to the block, erroneously indicating it as a 409. Nonetheless, it remains a desirable 348 four-barrel unit for many enthusiasts.

The asking price is expected to be substantial. A 1961 bubbletop in such fine condition commands a significant sum, and this Impala is no exception. eBay seller iwatchman seeks $85,000 for the Impala, with the option for offers, allowing room for negotiation. Prospective buyers are encouraged to inspect the vehicle in person to fully appreciate its allure, with its location in Ashford, Connecticut.

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