Xiaomi SU7 Reliability Woes: Early Issues Surface, Solutions Sought

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Xiaomi SU7 Reliability Woes
Xiaomi SU7 Reliability Woes

The SU7 appears plagued by early reliability issues, with customers encountering various problems upon taking delivery of their EVs. The most recent incident occurred moments after a buyer acquired the car from the dealership.

A Xiaomi customer, Mr. Wen, was among the initial SU7 buyers, collecting the vehicle in early May from the Xiaomi Auto Xiamen Xing’an Delivery Center in Fujian Province approximately two weeks ago.

Shortly after embarking on a highway drive, the car displayed fault lights on the screen, prompting the driver to pull over. With only 39 kilometers (approximately 24 miles) on the odometer, a video captured the Xiaomi SU7 parked on the road shoulder, hazard lights blinking.

Xiaomi SU7 Reliability Woes
Xiaomi SU7 Reliability Woes

Mr. Wen documented the ordeal, filming the dashboard screen indicating a faulty drive system. Subsequently, he contacted the online service center as instructed.

Consequently, the Xiaomi SU7 was towed back to the delivery center for further examination. Despite Xiaomi engineers’ efforts, the root cause remained elusive, rendering the car irreparable. Consequently, the buyer was offered a refund.

However, being an early SU7 adopter, Mr. Wen sought the vehicle rather than monetary compensation. Regrettably, Xiaomi couldn’t offer a replacement due to high demand, with all assembly line units already allocated to customers.

Ultimately, Mr. Wen reluctantly accepted the refund, with potential compensation for the inconvenience. Notably, this represents the first instance of a Xiaomi car deemed unsalvageable, albeit it’s not indicative of a widespread issue. Despite challenges, demand for the SU7 remains robust.


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