Black Beauty: Green Hornet’s Iconic Ride Revived, Collector’s Dream

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Green Hornet's Iconic Ride Revived
Green Hornet's Iconic Ride Revived

The highly developed vehicle that the Green Hornet drives is called Black Beauty. The character depended on martial skills, weapons, and technology to complete his objectives, even if he lacked superhuman talents.

A pivotal tool in his endeavors was the car dubbed Black Beauty, which varied depending on the era, ranging from a Lincoln Zephyr to an Imperial Crown.

Irrespective of iteration, the car brimmed with armaments, including Browning machine guns, Stinger missiles, flamethrowers, and shotguns, fascinating fans and collectors alike, spawning a notable collection of replicas.

One such replica is the Black Beauty showcased here, crafted from a 1966 Chrysler Imperial, the vehicle most commonly associated with the Green Hornet. This rendition pays homage to the car featured in the late 1960s TV series depicting the superhero.

Green Hornet's Iconic Ride Revived
Green Hornet’s Iconic Ride Revived

While lacking functional weaponry, it features fittings suggestive of armaments. Missile launchers are discreetly integrated beneath the headlights, while the trunk conceals replicated machine guns.

True to the Green Hornet’s aesthetic, the car sports the signature black hue, offset by green-tinted windows and headlight covers. The interior echoes this color scheme, with green accents adorning the seats, door panels, and roof. Notably, the wood-trimmed dashboard diverges from the design theme, contrasting with the plethora of screens, buttons, and consoles.

Though engine specifications aren’t disclosed, Mopar Performance branding hints at formidable power. Coupled with an automatic transmission, the engine has amassed nearly 79,000 miles since its inception, though details regarding its transformation into Black Beauty remain elusive.

Recently sold at the Mecum auction in Indianapolis for $33,000, this Black Beauty may reappear on the auction circuit, aiming for a higher bid, especially given the inclusion of a George Barris Collection plaque.

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