Mercedes GLE Facelift 2024: Sneak Peek at Redesigned Luxury SUV

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Mercedes GLE Facelift 2024
Mercedes GLE Facelift 2024

Mercedes-Benz’s testing of a camouflaged GLE prototype in Germany suggests a significant facelift in the works, both aesthetically and technologically. The heavily camouflaged front end hints at updates to the bumper, grille, and headlights, drawing inspiration from the design language of the 214-series Executive Class vehicles.

While reactions to the styling of the 214 series have been mixed, Mercedes-Benz seems committed to maintaining its appeal, especially considering the healthy demand for the E-Klasse in both European and US markets.

Although the rear end appears largely unchanged from the 2024 model, subtle updates include a black-finished valance panel on the bumper, indicating the presence of the Night Package. The prototype rides on 22-inch AMG alloys, priced at €2,261 ($2,450), adding to its sporty aesthetic.

Mercedes GLE Facelift 2024
Mercedes GLE Facelift 2024

Notable interior updates include updated side mirrors with dual cameras, suggesting enhanced visibility and possibly supporting advanced driver-assistance features. A larger infotainment display, potentially featuring an MBUX upgrade, indicates Mercedes-Benz’s commitment to technological innovation and connectivity.

Under the hood, changes are expected, with Mercedes-Benz AG confirming the introduction of a plug-in hybrid powertrain for the 2026 Mercedes-AMG GLE 63. This upgrade aligns with broader industry trends towards electrification and enhanced efficiency, ensuring Mercedes-Benz remains competitive in the luxury SUV segment.

While specific details regarding powertrain options remain undisclosed, the continued evolution of Mercedes-Benz’s offerings reflects a commitment to innovation and meeting evolving consumer preferences.

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