YENKO/SC Corvette Stingray: Unleashing 1000 Horsepower Beast 2024

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YENKOSC Corvette Stingray
YENKOSC Corvette Stingray


The introduction of the YENKO/SC package marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Chevy’s mid-engine sports car, elevating its performance to unprecedented levels. Through a series of key enhancements, including engine blueprinting, reinforced internals, upgraded fuel systems, and the installation of a Precision Pro Mod 88 XPR turbocharger, the car now boasts a formidable power output of 900 pound-feet of torque.

To accommodate this increased power, the dual-clutch transaxle receives corresponding upgrades. With a price tag exceeding $100,000, the YENKO/SC package offers extensive modifications to the 6.2-liter small block engine, delivering either 490 or 495 horsepower, depending on the chosen configuration.

YENKOSC Corvette Stingray
YENKOSC Corvette Stingray

YENKOSC Corvette StingrayThe YENKO/SC package also includes aesthetic enhancements such as wider Nitto ultra-high-performance summer tires, unique badging, and customizable exterior accents. Additionally, buyers receive a range of branded accessories and documentation, underscoring the exclusivity of the package.

While some may question the rationale behind investing in the YENKO/SC package over awaiting the launch of the C8-generation ZR1, the package offers a distinct appeal, combining exceptional performance with collectibility. However, with the forthcoming release of the ZR1, which promises even greater power and performance, buyers must carefully weigh their options.

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