1964 GTO Tri-Power: Rare Classic Muscle Car Find in Pristine Condition

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1964 GTO Tri-Power
1964 GTO Tri-Power

Originating from Hewitt, New Jersey, this 1964 GTO stands as a testament to classic automotive excellence. Despite receiving a repaint in the early 2000s, this car retains its impressive pedigree, having remained within the same family since its inception. Over its six-decade lifespan, it has accumulated just 74,000 miles, showcasing its well-preserved condition and cherished history.

Equipped with the optional Tri-Power V8 engine, producing 348 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque, this GTO is a rare find, with only a quarter of 1964 GTOs featuring this powerplant. Further distinguishing it is the inclusion of the 77J-code automatic transmission, found in just 693 units.

1964 GTO Tri-Power
1964 GTO Tri-Power

Maintaining its originality, the GTO retains its numbers-matching engine and transmission, as well as its factory body panels and floorboards. Despite a repaint, the exterior exhibits excellent condition, while the interior remains largely untouched, a testament to its careful preservation.

While performance details are not provided, the clean engine bay suggests proper maintenance and operation, indicative of a smooth driving experience. With its rich history and exceptional condition, this GTO is sure to fascinate enthusiasts at any automotive gathering.

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