Honda Ridgeline Recall: Rearview Camera Issue Addressed

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Honda Ridgeline Recall
Honda Ridgeline Recall

The rearview camera tailgate wire harness in newer models, specifically the 2020 through 2023 Honda Ridgeline, has been identified as prone to fatigue and breakage due to repetitive opening and closing of the tailgate. This problem is exacerbated by adverse weather conditions, particularly freezing temperatures and salt exposure, causing the rearview camera image to fail on the infotainment system’s touchscreen.

In February 2024, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) initiated an investigation into these malfunctions, following persistent complaints. American Honda Motor Co. has acknowledged the safety issue, although the scope of the recall remains unchanged from the initial assessment.

Compounding the issue, the replacement wire harness bears a different part number from the original recall, indicating that Honda and Aptiv failed to address the underlying design flaw.

Honda Ridgeline Recall
Honda Ridgeline Recall

Notably, Honda is recalling 187,290 units of the Pilot-based truck, including select 2024 models manufactured between November 8, 2019, and April 24, 2024. Prior to the recall, Honda received 402 warranty claims related to the issue, spanning from November 5, 2020, to April 5, 2024.

Fortunately, no reports of injury or property damage have been associated with the defect. To address the issue, Honda has introduced an improved wire harness featuring enhanced flexibility and durability.

Production of vehicles equipped with the remedy wire harness commenced on May 3, with affected units manufactured between April 25 and May 2 receiving the upgrade prior to shipment. Dealers have been notified of the recall, and affected owners will receive notification by first-class mail starting July 1.

Despite these challenges, the Honda Ridgeline maintains its position as a distinct offering in the unibody truck segment, positioned above models like the Maverick and Santa Cruz. Priced starting at $39,750, the Ridgeline combines versatility with a unique blend of comfort and capability.

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