The New Bricklin: A Blast from the Past With a Futuristic Twist

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The car showcased here may not resemble the famous Bricklin SV-1 of the 1970s, but it still carries the Bricklin branding. This new vehicle, named the Bricklin 3EV, stands out on its own, with only a few similarities to its predecessor.

Visionary Vehicles is the company behind this creation, which was initially introduced as a rendering in 2020. Surprisingly, unlike many concepts that never materialize, videos on the Visionary Vehicles website reveal a functioning prototype of the 3EV.

The All new Briclin is here and Some people are not happy about it

Although details are scant, we know that the 3EV is an electric three-wheeler with a body-on-frame construction. The battery pack sits centrally between the frame rails for optimal weight distribution. The website boasts of “superb performance” and a “luxurious driving experience,” with a range of over 275 miles.

While specifics like charging speeds, weight, and powertrain details remain unknown, diagrams suggest a single electric motor at the front.

The 3EV claims to be “engineered by race car designers,” with involvement from notable names like Panoz Engineering and Andreas Haase for styling. Its design is unconventional, with a tall front end and distinctive grilles.

Inside, the digital cockpit resembles something from Mercedes-Benz, featuring a fully lit dash and console with a central infotainment screen. Common modern features like heads-up display, power heated seats, and over-the-air updates are mentioned, but driver-assist systems might be limited.

What’s intriguing is the pricing strategy: starting at $28,980 for the base model and $38,980 for the upgraded 3EVX. However, crucial details like production timeline, pre-orders, and distribution channels are absent. While having a functioning prototype is a significant step, the actual production of the 3EV remains uncertain. Nonetheless, there’s a cautious optimism surrounding its potential.


By Jayson O'Neil

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