New Onvo L60 Aims to Be the Electric SUV Champion

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Onvo's new L60 car

Nio aims to take on the Tesla Model Y’s dominance as the world’s best-selling vehicle with a new, more affordable sub-brand. The new vehicle, named the Onvo L60, boasts an optional ultra-long-range battery capable of up to 1,000 kilometers (620 miles) on the Chinese CLTC test cycle.

The CLTC test cycle tends to be more optimistic than the WLTP, which is already less accurate than the U.S. EPA test cycle. For comparison, the Tesla Model Y Long Range is rated at up to 688 km (427 miles) in China. So, on paper, the Onvo EV promises over 40% more range.

Nio Sub-brand Onvo launches the L60 (Credits: Onvo)

While the exact battery capacity is still unknown, it’s clear that the L60’s biggest battery will need to exceed 100 kWh to achieve this range, with an impressive claimed efficiency of 12.1 kWh/100 km (about 5.2 miles/kWh).

For context, Model Y’s efficiency is rated at 12.5 kWh/100 km in China (4.97 miles/kWh), though these figures are based on the CLTC cycle and are unlikely to be matched in real-world driving. The Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD has an EPA efficiency rating of 3.5 miles/kWh, which is more realistic.

Priced at 219,900 yuan (approximately $30,500) in China, the Onvo L60 is about 12% cheaper than the Model Y, which starts at 249,900 yuan (around $34,600). Nio CEO William Li mentioned that the L60 targets both the all-electric Model Y and the Toyota RAV-4, available in hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.

Chinese buyers also have the option to purchase an Onvo L60 without the battery pack, opting instead for a monthly battery subscription. According to Car News China, this battery-as-a-service model will be the most affordable, starting at 170,000 yuan (around $23,500).

The Onvo L60 is the first car from Nio’s Sub-brand

The Onvo L60 is slightly longer than the Tesla Model Y, offering more interior space. However, it won’t be as practical overall since it lacks a front trunk (frunk). Its design is notably similar to Tesla’s, from the front bumper resembling the Model 3 Performance to the side profile and rear flanks inspired by the Model Y.

Inside, the L60’s dashboard design and the style and placement of the infotainment screen are also reminiscent of Tesla. The 17.2-inch, 3K resolution infotainment screen is the largest ever installed in a Nio vehicle.

Nio plans to launch the Onvo brand globally by the end of the year, focusing on Europe as the main market outside China. However, it’s unlikely that the Onvo L60 or any Nio vehicle will enter the U.S. market, especially since the Biden administration recently increased import tariffs on Chinese cars. The only way around this would be for Nio to start manufacturing in North America.


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