Porsche 911 S/T Allocation Woes: Enthusiast Frustration and Dealer Markups

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Porsche 911
Porsche 911

It’s hard to argue against the opinions of many enthusiasts who consider it to be the best Porsche 911 model ever. One depressing thing, though, is that fans who want these devices so badly but can’t seem to get an allocation to find that they are frequently held out of reach. If a person doesn’t reach dealership purchase quotas or is taken advantage of by inflated markups, they could be excluded.

With an MSRP of around $292,000 and a limited production run of just 1,963 units, the 911 S/T unquestionably caters to aficionados who crave an immersive driving experience and have the means to indulge. Additionally, it holds allure as a collector’s item, commemorating 60 years of 911 history.

Porsche 911
Porsche 911

Yet, if you weren’t among the fortunate few to secure an allocation, luck may not be on your side. Resellers often capitalize on this scarcity, demanding exorbitant prices. For instance, a recent listing in the UK advertised a right-hand-drive 911 S/T for over $617,000 despite being the 221st unit produced. However, a Florida dealer has outdone even that.

Nevertheless, it’s plausible that this unit was ordered for dealership inventory, rendering enthusiast concerns somewhat moot. In such a scenario, any backlash from the manufacturer would likely be speculative.

Whether a buyer will justify spending nearly $1 million on a 75-mile GT3 Touring with a GT3 RS engine and six-speed manual transmission remains to be seen. Some individuals may opt to preserve such a vehicle in a climate-controlled garage, eschewing driving for the enjoyment of mere ownership and admiration.


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