Hennessey’s Mammoth TRX: Unleashing Insane Power on the Track

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Hennessey's Mammoth TRX
Hennessey's Mammoth TRX

According to Hennessey’s nomenclature, the horsepower (measured at the crankshaft) of an automobile’s engine is indicated by the number that follows its name. The Dodge RAM 1500 TRX Mammoth 1000 model generates 1,012 horsepower and 969 lb-ft of torque. With a restricted run of 200 vehicles, this high-performance truck’s manufacture started almost three years ago in July 2021.

Recently, Hennessey released a video showing a dyno test of the Mammoth TRX, highlighting its extreme performance. The new Mammoth 1200 TRX is a very limited edition that delivers unprecedented performance for the RAM TRX, capable of hunting hypercars with its bare, raw power.

Hennessey's Mammoth TRX
Hennessey’s Mammoth TRX

The Mammoth 1200 TRX is said to offer the most insane performance yet from the RAM TRX, with Hennessey claiming it reaches 941 hp at 6,390 RPM and 861 lb-ft at 4,840 RPM at the rear wheels. This suggests the “1200” in its name refers to roughly 1,200 hp at the flywheel.

Although the Mammoth 1000 TRX recently ended production with its Last Stand edition, the 1200 TRX is poised to surpass it, aiming to take the crown as the fastest and quickest truck. The Mammoth 1000 TRX’s impressive 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds and a quarter-mile time of 11.4 seconds (over 120 mph) set a high bar, but the Mammoth 1200 TRX, with its additional turbocharged power, is expected to push these numbers into hypercar territory.


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