New Nissan Xterra: Potential Return and Specs Overview

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New Nissan Xterra
New Nissan Xterra

In March, Nissan Americas Chief Planning Officer and Senior VP Ponz Pandikuthira hinted at the potential return of the iconic Xterra model, describing it as “very actively considered.” He mentioned that such a vehicle would need to be a “serious” and “authentic truck” and relatively affordable to be viable.

While this isn’t an official confirmation, it has sparked hope among off-roading enthusiasts for a new Nissan Xterra. This model has been absent from our market for nearly a decade, with the second generation’s production ending in 2015 at the Mississippi factory. It shared its platform with the Pathfinder and Frontier of that era and was powered by a V6 engine.

The 4.0-liter engine produced 261 horsepower (265 ps/195 kW) and 281 pound-foot (381 Nm) of torque. Transmission options included a six-speed manual and a five-speed automatic. The top-tier Pro-4X model came with features like Bilstein shocks, an electronic locking rear differential, underbody skid plates, 16-inch wheels with A/T tires, and improved departure and approach angles.

New Nissan Xterra
New Nissan Xterra

In its final model year, the base Xterra was priced at nearly $24,000, about $5k less than today’s Rogue. A hypothetical third-generation Xterra would need competitive pricing to attract customers from stiff competitors like the latest Toyota 4Runner. Therefore, Nissan would likely invest significant time in its development if it proceeds.

Despite the anticipation, a new Nissan Xterra might not be a best-seller, as many new car buyers prefer crossovers, sometimes with electric options. Additionally, Nissan needs to ensure the economics work in their favor to avoid a potential failure.

While the feasibility of a new Xterra is still debated, some rendering artists have already imagined its design. The latest from Digimods Design on YouTube has garnered fans, albeit with a few suggested tweaks. Would you choose this over a new 4Runner?


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