Xiaomi Auto’s Rise: From Smartphones to Affordable Electric Cars

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Xiaomi Auto's Rise
Xiaomi Auto's Rise

There was a time when Apple dominated the smartphone market, and competitors like Samsung and others were struggling to establish themselves. Today, while Apple still holds a significant market share, Android devices have emerged as strong contenders.

This shift is largely thanks to established companies like Motorola and Samsung, as well as innovative Chinese startups like Xiaomi, which demonstrated that affordable smartphones could offer nearly all the features of an expensive iPhone.

This dynamic is reflected in the automotive industry, where Apple’s iCar project is now defunct after consuming about $10 billion, while Xiaomi’s venture into electric vehicles has come to fruition with the SU7. This battery-powered sedan, produced by BAIC Off-road in Beijing, competes with the Tesla Model S but is priced lower than the Tesla Model 3.

Xiaomi Auto's Rise
Xiaomi Auto’s Rise

Although there have been reports of reliability issues with the SU7, many believe Xiaomi’s “flagship killer” approach will translate to success in the automotive sector. Digital car content creators, like Sugar Chow (known as sugardesign_1 on social media), have envisioned future expansions of Xiaomi’s automotive lineup.

His designs include the SU8 crossover SUV and imaginative versions of the SU7, like a widebody sedan and a Touring station wagon. Chow’s vision for the SU7 sedan, with its lowered suspension and full widebody aerodynamic kit, is menacingly all-black with orange brake calipers. The widebody kit can also be applied to the SU7 Touring, making it just as striking.

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