Classic Chevy Bel Air: A Timeless Treasure Unearthed

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Classic Chevy Bel Air
Classic Chevy Bel Air

Chevrolet offered a wide range of body variants back in the day, including Tudors, convertibles, sedans, two- and four-door one-fifties, four-door wagons, and the Nomad wagon. Additionally, aftermarket modifications transformed Bel Airs into distinctive vehicles compared to their factory-original counterparts from Flint, Michigan.

Shane from Iron City Garage found an all-original Chevy that remains a time capsule despite not being rare since Chevrolet sold 1.5 million cars. The current owner describes it as coral, but Pete suspects it was either repainted or misidentified, as the factory Canyon Coral was more reddish.

Classic Chevy Bel Air
Classic Chevy Bel Air

Regardless, the 1957 Chevy Bel Air is worth checking out, located just 15 minutes away. Pete hopes to tow it back on a trailer. The second-generation, pale pink Bel Air with a white hardtop is in better condition than expected, with only some wear on the driver’s side.

After negotiating a price, Pete and Shane plan to retrieve the car on Monday. Originally priced at $2,399 in the 1950s, second-generation Bel Airs now range from $18,000 to $150,000 in good condition, with some restomodded examples fetching up to $400,000.

Although the engine is currently non-functional, the wheels move smoothly, allowing for easy loading onto the trailer. Pete and Shane will restore the engine, polish the paint and chrome, and reattach the front bumper to transform this Bel Air into a prized vehicle. This hardtop body style was highly desirable in 1957, second only to the convertible.


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