1985 Corvette C4: Original Survivor Model for Sale

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1985 Corvette C4
1985 Corvette C4

A new L98 engine with Bosch-tuned port fuel injection replaced the L83’s 205 horsepower powerplant. The Corvette now has 230 horsepower thanks to the addition of a “Tune Port Injection” logo by Chevrolet. At just the right moment, Chevrolet revealed the improved engine in response to concerns over the Corvette’s power and performance. A heavy-duty cooling system, new shock absorbers, and 0.5-inch wheels were added to enhance the Z51 handling package.

The 1985 Corvette C4 in these photos showcases this model year in its original, unrestored condition. eBay seller marve_7801 describes it as a “survivor,” implying everything is original. Buyers should verify details in person or get a third-party inspection since the seller hasn’t provided many specifics.

The Corvette is rust-free, and everything works, including the air conditioning, lights, and electronics. It has been garage-kept its entire life, explaining its excellent condition.

1985 Corvette C4
1985 Corvette C4

The car’s main selling point is its low mileage, with only 20,875 miles (33,595 km) on the odometer, which the seller claims is original. This claim is plausible given the car’s pristine condition, likely spending most of its time in a garage.

It’s crucial to inspect how the car remains the original after all these years. The Corvette is in fantastic shape, with flawless leather seats, making it ideal for someone seeking an all-original C4.

This Corvette could serve as an excellent daily driver or a weekend companion. The owner is asking $18,000 but is open to offers. The car is located in Charlotte, North Carolina, and considering it runs and drives properly, you can drive it home without a trailer. The bidding ends in 27 days unless someone buys it, so if you’re interested, convince your significant other that a Corvette is what you need this summer.

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