Mitsubishi Momentum 2030: Electrification and Modernized Retail to Revitalize Sales

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Mitsubishi Momentum 2030
Mitsubishi Momentum 2030

Mitsubishi North America announced the Momentum 2030 initiative to reinvent itself into a new paradigm, appealing to modern North American sensibilities. This strategy includes four key principles. The first principle is electrification, which is a given as the auto industry shifts away from petroleum.

The other three principles are crucial for Mitsubishi’s revival. A modernized retail sales model will enhance remote online accessibility, expand the sales network, and boost growth to keep Mitsubishi competitive in North America.  The final point, most exciting for Mitsubishi’s overseas fanbase, is a renewed and expanded product lineup to strengthen its presence in North America.

Mitsubishi Momentum 2030
Mitsubishi Momentum 2030

With Mark Chaffin, President and CEO of Mitsubishi Motors North America, leading the charge, the company plans to revitalize its model lineup. This refresh, encompassing ICE, plug-in hybrid, and full battery-EV vehicles, aims to make Mitsubishi competitive with brands like Honda and Toyota by the decade’s end.

“Mitsubishi Motors is at a pivotal point in North America, charting a bold, clear, and attainable plan for our future success in the United States,” said Chaffin.

“Since 2018, we have redefined our path forward, including a new headquarters in Tennessee, successful new vehicle launches, record sales, and customer satisfaction awards. Momentum 2030 will build on this, introducing new powertrains, expanding dealerships, and developing new technologies to enhance the shopping and ownership experience.”


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