Porsche 911 Hybrid Teased: ‘Nine Zero Four’ Concept Emerges

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Porsche 911 Hybrid Teased
Porsche 911 Hybrid Teased

Porsche has begun teasing the 992.2 mid-cycle refresh of the current 911 generation. This time, along with subtle design tweaks, enhanced power figures, and new tech features, Porsche is also revealing that the 911 will be going hybrid.

This isn’t surprising, given Porsche’s history with plug-in hybrid SUVs and sedans, as well as the fully electric Taycan series, including the Turbo GT, their most powerful series-production vehicle. It’s intriguing that it took Porsche so long to electrify the 911 series, especially since the hybrid version is reportedly 8.7 seconds faster than its predecessor on the Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Porsche 911 Hybrid Teased
Porsche 911 Hybrid Teased

The facelifted 911 has been frequently spied on at the Nürburgring during testing, so its performance in the Green Hell is expected. However, not everyone is enthusiastic about a 911 Hybrid. London-based virtual artist Al Yasid, known as al.yasid on social media, envisions an alternate model, the Porsche ‘Nine Zero Four,’ in his digital renderings. Despite their lifelike appearance, these renderings are not real.

Al Yasid’s unofficial design project suggests that Porsche could introduce the ‘Nine Zero Four’ alongside the 911 Hybrid. This model, inspired by both the 718 Cayman and 911 series, could fit between them in terms of performance and pricing. Additionally, it bridges the gap between past and present by drawing inspiration from the original Porsche 904 (Carrera GTS), a road-legal race coupe from the 1960s. The design features like the fender mirrors nod to this heritage.

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